hey i’m kenzie


I want to start by saying thank you for wanting to capture some of your most precious moments! I want you to know what you are getting in to when you book with me so here is a little bit about myself, and my style of photography.

Let’s start with the fun stuff. I am a very avid outdoorsy girl. I hate being cooped up inside so getting to travel around and take pictures is a dream come true. I am married and have an almost one year old baby girl who is literally the cutest thing ever, maybe i’m biased but honestly she is my everything. I have taken pictures ever since I got my first camera in like 5th grade. Over the years I started to get more and more into, I started professionally shooting in 2014 and have absolutely loved capturing peoples most special moments.

Our time together is not going to be me posing you, snapping some photos, payment and then done. NO I want this to be something you look forward to, that makes a memory that will last forever. You are taking pictures because you love each other, so we need to let that show. I want to see you relaxed, laughing, kissing, whatever it is that you would do to express that love I WANT TO SEE IT. I am here to document your special moments and want to give you photos that show the emotions that were felt during our session together. The most important thing is to have fun. This isn’t supposed to be stressful. This is all part of the process and I am just lucky enough to tag along to document some of the amazing moments along the way. The prettiest pictures are the ones when you are most like yourself. If that means snorty laughs until you cry, I want to see it! I want the good, the bad, the ugly, the beautiful, I want it all.  Documenting love is one of the most rewarding jobs and has allowed me to be a part of so many peoples most precious and special moments.  Choosing a photographer is hard. I want to be here to capture exactly what you are looking for. I am here to talk and would love to chat more about what it is you are wanting out of a photographer. You can send me an email or I am happy to set up a time to talk in person because who doesn’t want an excuse to go eat good food somewhere. I can’t wait to talk more!

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Weddings Starting at $1700

This starts with basic packages including engagements/formals/wedding day starting at 4 hours of wedding coverage up to the full day. These packages can be personalized to make sure we are capturing every moment from the proposal to the wedding exit.


Portraits Starting at $185

This starts with a one hour, one location package and can be customized to increase the amount of time with multiple locations. This is for family photos, senior pictures, and missionary pictures, newborns, etc.


Birth Stories starting at $350

This starts with me being on call during the week before and after your due date. I will be ready to come to the hospital whenever I get the call that “IT’S TIME!” I will discuss with you before hand what it is you are wanting documented to make sure you are comfortable and relaxed during the whole process. These packages can include a newborn/in home family shoot a week after child birth as well.