Regyn & Stetson Formals

Wow. Like for real. Gorgeous couple. Funniest personalities. Stunning dress. Beautiful Location.

Regyn and Stetson were some of the funniest people to hang out with! Their parents even tagged along for some of this session and at one point I asked her dad if there were snakes in the grass, because I am a girl and yes I HATE snakes. He was like no don’t worry about it they don’t have snakes up here. Literally like 5 steps later A SNAKE slithered its creepy little slither right in front of me! I don’t know what I said but I screamed and sprinted away AFAP (as fast as possible)! This happened right in the first couple of minutes of being in the location we were at so Regyn wasn’t to thrilled to when I was having her walk through the tall grass but she did it and IT PAID OFF! This session has some of the prettiest greens I have ever shot. Please enjoy this session where I almost died from a deathly snake bite.. Not really but maybe Idk could have happened.